Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Favorite Charities

No matter where we stand, we should continue to help others.
Image by David Castillo Dominici

I’ve read my share of “manage your money” books.  And one of the major tenants of any program involves giving to those in need.  I believe in this completely.  Even when I am not in a position to donate money, I still make the effort to donate time. 

For example, I am currently donating my time and editing talent to  This nonprofit provides an unbiased collection of news from different sources, providing a brief summary and a link to the source.  The site strives to stay free of left/right politics, and I respect that.  Additionally, it has been a fantastic place to hone my skills, and I have learned a lot about website editing and AP style. 

With the holiday season here, many people are in a very giving mood.  Before spending money on more stuff that you don’t need, consider making a donation to a charity that is actively working to make lives better.

Gavin and I support several charities.  Some of our favorites include:

  • American Cancer Society – Not just about finding a cure, ACS works to help patients affected by cancer and their families.
  •  Autism Speaks – I have participated in the walking event, raising money for this organization.  Autism has deeply touched our family, and this charity is working to find solutions.
  • Boy Scouts of America – Elias is a Scout and it has done wonders for him. 
  • Child’s Play – This charity was founded by gamers.  The goal is to make gaming systems available to kids I hospitals so they have something fun to do to take their minds off treatment.
  • Humane Society – We got our Minerva from the Humane Society.  Before buying a pet from a pet store, check here to see if you can give one of these wonderful animals a home.
  • Make-A-Wish – I think everyone knows this charity and its goal.  Make-A-Wish does phenomenal work.
  • Northwest Harvest – A local charity that helps put food on the tables of people who need some extra help.  We have been fortunate enough to not have to use this service ourselves, so we will continue to donate food to this program.
  • Northwest Hope and Healing – I did a 5K for this charity.  They work to provide help to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, from providing financial support during the times they can’t work and even helping with child care during chemotherapy.
  • World Vision – I am hoping to participate in child sponsorship one day, although I have supported this program financially.  I know people who have sponsored through this charity and they were very happy with it. I think this would be good for teaching Elias more about the world, as well.


  1. I like Open Source Ecology, which is developing the Global Village Construction Set: designs for 50 fundamental industrial & agricultural machines anyone can build to provide for their own modern lifestyle. They plan to release their first 3 designs (the tractor needs a bit more work) as a gift to the world for the holidays. I think it has enormous potential for advancing liberty and unleashing human potential.

  2. This sounds like an amazing charity. I'll be looking into it more for sure.

    Thanks for reading!