Friday, January 13, 2012

When a Deal is Too Good to be True

It feels like I'm throwing money in the garbage.
Photo by jannoon 028

So you remember when I bought all that chicken at Tukwila Trading Post?  It was a pretty sweet deal – 10 pounds of chicken at 1.49 a pound.  Score, right?

Not so much.  We cracked into that bag last night.  I pulled out a couple pieces to thaw in a water bath (chicken in a Ziploc in a big bowl full of cold water), which is our preferred method for thawing meat.  It was time to cook dinner, and I pulled the bag out of the water, opened it… and just about barfed.  The chicken had almost completely disintegrated, and it reeked to high heaven.  I was pissed as hell.  What a waste of money! 

I know it wasn’t our freezer because nothing else in there had funkified.  What did they do, package up a bunch of rotten chicken, freeze it and slap it on sale?  Needless to say, I won’t be shopping there again.  It’s frustrating, though, because I had our meal plan for the week set up, and a lot of the recipes featured chicken (because, of course, I thought I had a ton of it).  So it looks like I’ll be making an emergency run to Fred Meyer tonight to pick up more chicken (because it will be easier and cheaper to replace the chicken than to try to come up with new meals for the other meats we have on hand).   

In case you were wondering, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner last night.  I count that as a win in my book, because before we would have thrown our hands in the air and run to McDonalds or something.

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